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A comprehensive commitment to sustainable activity

Firmly anchored and evolved values reflected in corporate philosophy, a sense of responsibility toward employees, society and the environment. As a group, this is our interpretation of economic, ecological and social sustainability. The Groz-Beckert group was committed to these units long before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became a buzzword.

Groz-Beckert's own company health insurance, which harks back to 1888, the Groz-Beckert Foundation and the Health and Education Center (GEBIZ) with daycare center and a private elementary school are only the most obvious examples.

Code of Conduct

We measure the success of our group not only by economic results, but also by principles based on set values. We act responsibly and correctly, comply with the law and international agreements, and exemplify this attitude every day.

This Code of Conduct summarizes this commitment. It provides us with guidelines in our daily, professional actions as employees, managers and colleagues and serves as a compass in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone at Groz-Beckert, at all levels of the organization and everywhere in the world. We also expect our business partners to follow the principles of Groz-Beckert’s Code of Conduct.